Thursday, 29 November 2012

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Intriguingly solipsism has been exercising my mind over the past couple of days, as I've been thinking about identity and the problem of other minds.

Is the problem insurmountable?

Ah, well, actually I think it doesn't matter. Whatever the "truth" of the matter one just has to get on with it and enjoy it!

The areas that have REALLY been interesting me a lot have been the philosophy of time - why does time only seem to travel in one direction? Is it really possible to travel in more than one direction in space, anyway? If a set has an infinite number of members (like the set of positive integers) does it have an infinite number of members when you take a member away? What difference does adding a member make? Can you divide a limit like the Planck length in half?

I'm not disputing that physics could give us some answers (a la Brian Cox) but which physics? Newtonian, quantum, non-Newtonian... and then what about consciousness?

Would one say that Watson (of Jeopardy fame) was conscious? After all, it performed what seemed to be a challenge of consciousness in the way that one would expect a human to?

And what about geology and vulcanology - are they really sciences, because just how experimental are they, really? Same with astronomy, isn't it just observational? How do you experiment in astronomy? All you can really do is wait for observations to prove your theory, and doesn't that run the risk of confirmation bias?

At least philosophical thought experiments really are experiments...

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