Monday, 3 December 2012


"Practice doesn't make perfect - it makes permanence."

How true this is!

So, today has been a mixed day - some thinking about my general direction in life as I've been finding motivation hard lately, other than the motivation of my family and wanting to do my utmost for them.

From an analytical standpoint I'm thinking ethically and morally here - what is a "good" life? Is it about total utility, or is it more, as I suspect, about self love in the way that Hume meant?

I think that the resolution to this is to take positive action, so to this end I have decided to sign up for some more forums on the internet, get involved in some communities - such as documentation for Linux distributions, and I've made some contact with people about getting a project I have been plugging away with for nearly two years off the ground.

On this point if anyone with an interest/aptitude in programming (Actor based?) and/or immunology, disease, demographics and related fields - heck, even if you haven't but are intrigued, please get in touch via this blog.


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