Saturday, 19 January 2013


Spent some time on the computer today - not too much, but enough to learn something.

1) I think that when I get my Vista laptop properly rebuilt with a new HDD in it I'll stick with Ubuntu, but probably Lubuntu as a lightweight alternative. Primarily for consistency across my machines, and I'll stick with 12.04LTS for now.

2) Philosophy in Pubs looks interesting - I wonder if there is enough interest near me to make it worthwhile trying to start a local group? I'll see if I can find out.

3) Found a number of interesting Sourceforge projects which seem aligned to what I'm interested in doing, so I'll be firing off some emails over the next few days to make contact. For example Sispread, epigrass, talend-studio and stianafor.

4) I still think it's worth following Antix (which I think is great), Salix, KDE and Fuduntu on G+. And others, too. Like Full Circle magazine.

5) My netbook is cool.

6) I don't like Jolicloud using Facebook login (even as an option). Can't say why, I just don't.

7) I can't wait to try and get MESS working on the RPi. Loads of fun to be had there.

8) I'm really enjoying working through "Philosophy for Dummies" - it's a bit superficial in places, which makes me please I know at least a flavour of some of the subjects in more detail, but it's a great thought-prompt. I have no doubt others will disagree vehemently.

9) Watched a DVD by Jay Sankey from the Merchant of Magic. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

10) That is all.


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