Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Frustration and non-frustration

I'll be honest. I couldn't think of an antonym for "frustration".

More progress on Javascript on Code Academy, moving onto objects which (personally) I've thus far found more straightforward than in Python or (gasp!) C++.

Managed to get a job application submitted yesterday, which is good - be nice to think that it'll get somewhere. I have a few more to fill in tomorrow, which to be frank I'll probably do with a copy and paste and fingers crossed.

Also made contact with Remember The Milk with some crazy ideas - did I say that yesterday? I can't remember now.

What else... oh yeah, spent a day staring at spreadsheets full of numbers, got home with a splitting headache, have a serious caffeine deficit and missed large chunks of Ubuntu Developer Week. I did catch the end of one IRC session, which was good - hope I can do more tomorrow.

Also listened to a History of Philosophy podcast or three about Platonism (the cave and all that), which was a really useful experience. And started a PEL podcast about Nietzsche, which is always fun... I could actually empathise with the view that truth started as a way of warning about poison and predators...

Have fun, people.

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