Thursday, 10 January 2013


OK, so here we go.
I totally, massively underestimated how long remastersys would take to run on my netbook. Never mind, it gives me a chance to catch up here and work through my to-do list. The first item, by the way, is to install Taskwarrior...

I have a number of projects to get moving. In no particular order - epimetric, some stuff on IRC, some stuff on music/TV, some stuff on set-top boxes, getting my RPi working even better, some political article writing, Broadleaf, Jaspersoft, The Foreman learning, Webmaker badges... Oh, and NHS Hackday, some theatre bookings and thinking whether it's feasible to organise a conference!

By the way if anyone is interested in funding epimetric (Epimetric) then please let me know... I'm trying to form it as a start-up, as I am with Broadleaf, Jaspersoft and Foreman support - e.g. using customised Jaspersoft components to serve Business Intelligence. If you're interested in the services I can provide on this please get in touch via this blog.

I'll leave you with a Zeno paradox. In order to get from A to B I have to travel to halfway point C. And to get to C I have to travel to halfway point D... and so on.

In fact I would have to travel through an infinite number of halfway points, which would take an infinite amount of time. Therefore how can I possibly travel from A to B at all?

There you go, Brian Cox, one of the reasons why philosophy has value!

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