Sunday, 13 January 2013

Statistically valid

Right, so it's Sunday afternoon and I've escaped onto the desktop PC for a few minutes, after half an hour mucking about with OpenElec on the RPi.

Downloads running in the background of KNIME - delighted to see it's GPLv3, which matches the licence I'm running my stuff with. I'll install it and get it running on my old Windoze laptop, for which I've ordered a 40GB HDD (recon) for under £15 off eBay, ready to install Antix (probably...) on, or maybe Ubuntu... but as I'll probably be going with a lighter desktop it'll most likely be the former.

Anyway, on the subject of KNIME, it looks like a pretty powerful little engine for analysing health stats - which will be handy for the upcoming weekend in Oxford, which I'm really looking forward to.

Hopefully I'll make some progress!

Oh, and I've also discovered some local enterprise accommodation, should I get funding, and some funding sources. Sadly it seems that the UK financing tends to be loan-based, which in my eyes cripples start-ups before they've even begun as they're saddled with unsustainable levels of debt even before they have an income stream secured.

Conversely looking at some other EU countries there are oodles of GRANTS available, and seed funding to get companies up and running, especially in the research/tech fields where it can be some time before the true benefits start to accrue, and they tend to be in steady streams rather than one-off craze bubbles.

Says something about why the UK economy is the way it is... in my humble opinion, at least. Too much short term focus, and not enough real investment.

Oh, and check out Makers' Academy, Code Academy and the School of Data while you are online!

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