Sunday, 20 January 2013


Quick update from the netbook.

Yep, really happy with Lubuntu and if I get chance I'd like to submit an entry for the community wallpaper.

Also had a play on a couple of guitars today, and made a decision to make a push on three fronts over the next couple of days around a piece of fiction where I'd like to develop a couple of themes as I think I know the outlet I'd like to work with, some mathematical modelling (making contact with other projects) and finally some community activities.

But I know this will be fluid to-do list...

Oh, and I wonder if there'd be any takers for a GUI for taskwarrior, which I think is excellent?

Oh, and how is exactly Brian Cox going to describe how science explains life using "the fundamental laws of physics", when there is no clear definition of what "life" is, anyway? Hey, even Schrodinger struggled with that one!

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