Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wanting but waiting. And plugging (away). And plugging.

Now up to 41% on the Code Academy javascript track - plugging away nicely.

Update the RPi (again), and had a couple of Spectrum games. Loads of fun. Need to update openelec next.

Got some further stuff to do on job applications - sadly had to miss the Oxford NHSHackday this weekend... gutted! But I'm hoping I can pick some stuff up on related subjects tomorrow.

What else... oh yeah, got some TWiT stuff to watch (FLOSS, Security Now) at some point, cleared some podcast backlogs (History of Philosophy bits, and Boys and Ghouls), and some other bits.

Didn't finish a lot, but made progress, and can't say fairer than that.

And I found a cheap vintage guitar - if it's still there on Friday I'll buy it - and decided I'd like a new (additional) netbook.

Oh yeah... quick plug for my online shop!

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