Saturday, 16 February 2013

A little local difficulty

Right... mucho frustration as Code Academy managed to have some technical difficulties which wiped out a load of my progress on the Javascript track. Now rectified, and I've reworked some units and am now at 100%. Phew!

What else? Well, still have a load of stuff to do, cleared out some books, sorted out my bookshelves with some luvverly new philosophy texts, sorted out a load of CD's to sell, thrown away a bunch of tat and so much more.

Probably upset people on a G+ Ubuntu thread by suggesting Salix as an install on an "old Dell laptop", too. But hey, what could be finer?! Only thing better might be a dual-boot with AntiX (which I love dearly, a really nice environment to work in). If it has to be 'buntu, then Lubuntu would be my choice.

And yesterday was my birthday. What could be better? A large glass of Californian red (Merlot) beckons tonight...

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