Monday, 4 February 2013

Task lists

Updating my to-do list today, I've managed to tick a few items off.

First up, I've typed up and printed off a couple of letters which have been kicking around for over a week - probably more like two so that's good. I still have one more to do, which I'm going to start as soon as I've posted this blog entry.

I've also updated the desktop background on this laptop (my 17" one) with a nice silhouette-y picture of a crow I took today. Not sure I like the monochromatic nature, though, so I need to download a photo editor to have a play with the colour filters to make the sky bluer, I reckon.

I also need to promote my Cafepress shop again, in the hope of selling some more stuff. I'll do that with a tweet.

Dropped an email with regards to my healthcare project, which I am strangely hoping has actually taken on a life without me in a way - but who knows I may still have a role to play in it!

Did some more Javascript units at Code Academy.

Disappointed at how long some people take to respond to emails, but I guess that's just the nature of the beast - as I think I've already said I've got some wacky ideas for TV series' and a short film, so I still have my fingers crossed!

Also listened to a fantastic Partially Examined Life podcast about Marx - really interesting, although a bit of a slog at 2 hours long! But worth it, definitely worth it. If you haven't checked PEL out yet, then you should!

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