Sunday, 3 February 2013

Writer's block? Pffft, I flex at your so-called "writer's block"!

Note for those interested - for a change I'm typing this on my netbook, and sorting my emails at the same time.

Today has been a keyboard-torturing day, thrashing out an outline for a TV series involving music, "the man in the street", rock stars and loud guitars. I need to now hawk this idea, and another one involving talking about random subjects to some production companies in the vague hope that someone will pay me some money for them.

Also finished the outline treatment of my mystery/horror story, and checked out some further lessons on objects in Javascript on Code Academy.

Got annoyed when someone on G+ didn't know the difference between Java and Javascript, and assumed that Java vulnerabilities also affected Javascript by default, then realised just how geeky I was being and calmed down.

Realised I now actually have to do some programming and build some kind of a web interface, as well as write a couple of business plans.

Was dismayed to find I'd managed to delete some html and code files I thought I had saved in Bluefish, but hey ho, grabbed the code from my website instead. I really should bung it in my Google code repository instead, or Sourceforge.

Tweeted a link to my Cafepress shop with some suitable hashtags in the hope of getting some more sales through there.

Just got to update my notebook now with a short few words about what I've done today.

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