Saturday, 30 March 2013

Moving away from Ubuntu?

I'm becoming more and more ambivalent towards Ubuntu. I've switched partially onto Lubuntu but today have installed CentOS and openSuSE into VMs to try them out.

Not sure why I'm just not feeling it with Ubuntu, but it just seems to be a bit less clear where it's headed at the moment, at least to me. Hence choosing the LXDE spin instead. Might stick with the super-nice Antix for my experimental fix.

Well, openSuSE is nice... a little slow to start with the KDE desktop, but partially I guess this is down to being in a VM. I've always like KDE - ever since I first tried SuSE and Mandrake back about 10 years ago, although I do feel that it needs serious time invested in setting it up just so.

In the case of CentOS I initially made the mistake of choosing a minimal install. Oops! Went back and chose a desktop setting, and was a bit, if I'm honest disappointed to find a Gnome setup. Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid!

I'll keep trying them out and see whether to switch full time. I'm leaning towards CentOS but with something like KDE on top, but might go for openSuSE as I am really impressed with how nicely put together it is.

I'll let you know when I've chosen, and how it's all worked out in terms of migration.

Oh, and added a whole new bunch of IRC channels to get involved in!

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