Friday, 29 March 2013

We have lift off

Right, a slightly fuller post this time around.

So - had an interesting excursion yesterday, met someone in the pub who has some interesting contacts around healthcare, so hoping that I/we can start to move epimetric on a bit. Possibly basing this around Talend studio will do the job.

Done some research on Loqualia, and I think a decent CMS will do the job. I'm currently leaning towards Zotonic, but might go with a PHP (CakePHP for example) or Perl-based one instead. More thinking required.

Also did some planning for taskdone, which I'm thinking of switching from javascript to Dart for no other reason than I can. Not decided yet, I'll have to spend a few solid hours just coding and getting it sketched up before finally committing to one language or another.

And finally, done some guitar stuff, including watching a couple of incredible Mattias Eklundh videos.

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