Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Had an interview today - seemed to go OK, but no doubt it will have been a disaster. Ah well, we shall see.

Built a whole new to-do list. If I'd had my laptop with me I'd have done it in Taskwarrior, but I didn't so I didn't. Managed to clear a few items this evening (updating this blog is one), but more to do before settling into a routine.

Decided to go with openSUSE on my desktop - probably on a new HDD, when I can find one at a decent price, and provided that my PSU will provide the juice. If not then the 1GB drive with Win7 on it will just have to go in a caddy and be USB pluggable to make room instead.

To be honest I can't remember really when I last booted into Win7 - I think it was to scan something because I couldn't remember how to do it in Ubuntu. Less of a problem if you stop scanning stuff!

As far as Ubuntu goes I'll also start moving over to Lubuntu, I think, as I'm getting more interested in zippiness than the fancy-dan stuff of Unity. I'll keep an AntiX installation going on my old Vista laptop, though, as I really like that.

I'll need to plan it all out properly, though, and use those USB sticks I have lying around to make sure I have PLENTY of backups...

Oh, and I'll start the Codeacademy PHP track before the week's out, too.

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