Tuesday, 16 April 2013



I'm a bit torn. I like Ubuntu, but prefer Kubuntu. Yeah, I know the nay-sayers try and liken KDE to Windows, but they're just IMHO missing the point. KDE has so much power it's untrue!

I like the idea of Arch, I like the idea of Funduntu, but... well, Fuduntu is hitting EOL (Gnome2?! Seriously?!) and Arch is...

CentOS is cool. Gentoo is digital masochism.

I'm loving my Kubuntu desktop (Lubuntu on one laptop, which I like) which is sort of leading me to openSUSE, which I've been playing with in a VM.

But now OpenMandriva is here... Exciting thought to be an early adopter!

I'll get a new HDD for the desktop, bung it in (moving the Windows 7 one to an external caddy) and maybe dual-boot openSUSE and OpenMandriva. Or just pick one.

Why is it so hard to choose?!

In other news, have prepared a screencast for SLUG next week. Cool!

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