Sunday, 21 April 2013

Two screens.

Evening all.

Spent two hours in an IRC chat re: FuSE - the new incarnation of Fuduntu. A bit disappointed, personally, that Consort got the nod over KDE/Klyde as the DE, but happy that it's going to be evaluated so this is up to users.

Also had a quick look at funding for Loqualia and sent some ideas off to the man who needs to know ;-)

Subscribed to Linux Pro magazine, and generally had a cracking little evening with laptop in front of me and TV in the background.

Shame the OpenMandriva is so quiet on IRC and what have you, though. I will need to drop them an email to get involved as it's showing some promise and I want to get in there.

What else? Oh yeah, tried toorox in a VM and the installation process was horrible - I need to give them some feedback on this. Didn't seem to work at all, which was a pain as I was really looking forward to trying it out.

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