Sunday, 19 May 2013

Several updates

Right, here we go for a whistle-stop tour of events.

I've installed Chakra and Manjaro in VM's under Kubuntu on my desktop machine, and so far my thoughts are ...

1) I LOVE KDE as a desktop.
2) The installers need serious work, particularly the Chakra one - what, I have to choose partitions and use a partitioning tool to set up my home directory, even on a clean install on a blank VM disk? Where are the defaults? This is going to be a major obstacle to widespread adoption IMHO.
3) The Chakra packages/bundles system is a very neat idea - and there could be scope for, for example, corporate customisation of easy provisioning across functions (maybe using The Foreman or similar?)
4) Manjaro is very quick and slick.

I need to drop the good people at Talend an email tonight to move things on there with regards to my long-standing healthcare planning/provisioning project.

I've got some stuff from the Merchant of Magic which I need to work with a practice - very good for focussing the mind.

Put some plants in the greenhouse - hoping for some tomatoes and habaneros in a few weeks.

Jet-washed the patio. That was dull in the extreme, but had to be done, and cut the lawns front and back, which was also a trial of mental endurance.

Other than that I've been very much enjoying watching the Angry Video Game Nerd (strong language!) which I find really funny.

The Skepticule episode on which I appear is now out, although I've not yet listened.


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