Monday, 27 May 2013

Short round-up


First, everyone should watch Star Trek Continues, which is great fun.

Second, everyone should visit The Merchant of Magic, buy loads of stuff and learn.

Third, check out Guitar Noize for some really great stuff.

Apart from that I've been reading more of From Eternity to Here by Sean Carroll, which is fantastic.

I've now got to come up with something to talk about to SLUG on Thursday - I'll have to try and do that over the next couple of days, but should be able to rustle something up. The website says I'll talk about screen grabbing, so I may as well :-)

Oh, and next weekend I have a visit planned to Barcamp Birmingham, and then that's swiftly followed by Philosophy in Pubs.

Still really enjoying Manjaro, going to try netBSD and FreeBSD too! I did try FreeBSD years ago and really liked it - wonder if I'll feel the same 10 years later?


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