Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Awesome X


Got both awesome and fluxbox installed via the magic of pkgin in my NetBSD and had some fun with vi - well, if you can call it fun - editing config files to switch between the two.

Next I need to find a decent login manager (lightdm?) and get it starting up X automatically...

If I'd thought ahead I may have used a 32bit version instead of 64 to allow me to base my future installations on any machine by copying across the vdi, but hey ho I didn't plan that far ahead.

One thing I dislike about fluxbox - you have to seriously edit the menus...

Next stop, choosing software to install and play with. I think I'll try and keep it fairly light, but I am afraid Firefox is a given as I have so much plumbed into my sync!

Ubuntu One client, some sort of text editor (Kate?) and maybe a nice IDE just for jolly.

I'll have a think about it, anyway.

Just had a weird urge to try JoliOS, too...

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