Monday, 10 June 2013

Just another update


So I've started playing with FreeBSD in a VM, NetBSD will be next, I think.

I'm still looking to switch OS, and have so far narrowed (!) my choices as follows:

openSuSE - nice, but... just not for me
Chakra - nice, but not sure...
Manjaro - I like this, especially the KDE spin. But I also like LXDE so that could be an option
Lubuntu - I like this one - really quick and smooth
Kubuntu - I have this on the desktop machine and really like it
FreeBSD - just need to play with it and try it out with LXDE and KDE
Ubuntu - hmmm... dunno
Mint - awful IMHO. Just not for me
Fuduntu - was an option until the FuSE with Consort (!) decision
Debian - maybe...
antiX - I like this one, but maybe too much effort to kick off the config.
Fedora - no.
openMandriva - I had high hopes, I hope they can bring it back
Mageia - didn't really excite me
Gentoo - digital masochism
Toorox - nice, maybe better in German ;-)
Slackware - nice!
Salix - as nice as Slackware!
netBSD - need to play with it more
Ubuntu - just not quite there for me at the mo', much as I think it is just so reliable (despite what some detractors may say). I find it pretty solid, and Unity works fine for me

So overall maybe onto Manjaro as 1st choice, with Kubuntu 2nd and Lubuntu 3rd and FreeBSD 4th.

Maybe I'll run Kubuntu with the others in VMs as now, or hang them off VMs on a server...!

What else? Oh yeah, done some reading and stuff but nothing startling worth particularly thrashing the keys about at this stage, I think.

See you next time.

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