Monday, 17 June 2013

The joy of X

After a few rather stalled attempts I now have a sort of working VM of NetBSD, thanks to both the rather good (for the most part) documentation and the help of this blog.

Other than that I've decide to try the awesome window manager, and we'll see how that goes.

I've also thrown some Manjaro versions onto VM's, too, both the Openbox and XFCE (which tbh I've never really liked before) just for jolly. Had another play with antiX, and although I like it I don't think it's my long-term solution, NetBSD looks likelier, or Manjaro).

What else? Oh yeah, thanks to some super-rapid customer service from Strings Direct I've changed strings on my RG2550Z and AS103 - and before you ask I did put 10's on the latter and 9's on the former - Legacy brand (their own) which are excellent value and I think pretty long-lasting.

Had some success at ploughing through my to-do list - hopefully more tonight.

Read more of Sean Carroll, and added more to my Amazon wishlist.

Found cheap recon laptops - could be useful. Ask me for a link if you're interested.

Booked up on some talks and stuff, which should be fun. Also had quite a bit of dealings with SLUG, which is cool. And some other stuff, too.

Next update will hopefully be sooner than this one was.


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