Sunday, 28 July 2013

Device not partition

Successful install AT LAST of Kali, after finally realising I needed to address the drive, not the partition - sdb, not sdb1.

Also successfully got persistence and XFCE (because I don't like Gnome particularly, personally) set up - looking forward to trying a few things out with this little set up! And because I used the 32bit image, it will be portable between devices!

Also started setting up a plan for guitar effects, planned out some new music for recording, failed to get Loqualia set up as a YouTube channel - just a bit of a disaster zone that attempt, had to end up deleting the Google account for some bizarre reason, but DID manage to set up:

GhostlightTV - The YouTube channel that blows the lid on the paranormal, hauntings and spooky goings-on.

So, next comes the content!

I still need to get a Podbean account set up to start podcasting, but need to script a few episodes first.

Cleared a load of recorded TV last night, and podcasts, so am finally getting to a stable base to move forward from!

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