Monday, 8 July 2013

Emulator highs and lows

So, here am I on my lubuntu 13.04 laptop, with a rather neat GFCE Ultra NES emulator working, but with MESS steadfastly refusing to find ROM files, despite my best Leafpad editing of the ini file. Grrr!

I had hoped to get this working tonight, but evidently it was not to be.

On a more positive note, if I can get all my machines onto 64 bits it is looking increasingly likely that I'll make a switch to Manjaro with XFCE (rather than KDE) as my main desktop installation, although I do like lubuntu a lot, because it is clean and quick.

Had some fun playing with AntiX yesterday, too, but I think that this 32bit machine will be just for that - playing with, whilst the heavy lifting will be with 64 bits. Although I am really enjoying using the machine for just getting stuff done right now!

Also made a few inroads into film making, and have a meeting on Wednesday about that. More in due course.

And Loqualia is coming along nicely, as is an idea I have for guitar effects pedals.

Hopefully I can make a million in the next 12 months, eh?! ;-)

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