Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Multimedia multitude


So I have MAME and MESS runnning under lubuntu. Great. I'm trying AGAIN to install PCBSD in a VM to test. I'm still quite liking the idea of a really small footprint NetBSD/Openbox/LXDE system, if I can procure another cheap laptop.

But the big news, barring something remarkable happening:

Loqualia launches this weekend - with YouTube channel, G+ account and blogspot site for feedback and discussion.

Three other channels will also launch:

CryptidTV - a YouTube channel, blog and G+ devoted to cryptozoology from a realistic standpoint.

LGSATV - a YouTube channel, blog and G+ devoted to UFOs and everything extra-terrestrial, with objectivity the watchword.

OcculTV - The hidden, mysterious and supernatural through YouTube, blog and G+ media.

All will be launched by the end of July, with any content submissions welcome, and merchandise available to support them.


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