Monday, 19 August 2013

Reviews, reviews, reviews and stuff

Right, a fairly rapid run through here:

1) Posted some reviews on TripAdvisor and Google+ Local, which was fun.
2) Started sketching out podcast episodes, because I think we're going for a test run this Sunday.
3) Had a great call with a recruiter, who sounded hopeful. I know that's what they're there to do, but let's keep hoping, eh?

What else? Oh yeah, got stuff about enrolment in my cosmology course, and lots of other stuff, like clearing a load of podcasts that were sitting in my listen queue.

Actually, had real pain of a time on Friday when Podkicker Pro (yes, I paid for my podcast client!) decided to lose ALL my downloaded episodes and subscriptions. GRRRR!

On a positive note, it did need rationalising, because I was starting to struggle with keeping up to date with everything. I've got it more manageable now.

Here's a thought for you - why are the advocates of "information wants to be free" so keen on telling you their public encryption keys?

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