Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Small yet perfectly formed

Yup, I'm writing this thanks to Salix on a USB stick, with XFCE and persistence - NICE!

I am really liking this, although I did enjoy a small battle with NetBSD in a VM on my dekstop machine earlier (does configuration really have to be such an effort? I should have gone for XFCE there as well, maybe, and pkg_add DOES NOT WORK, you have to do pkg_install...). I like PCBSD, maybe I'll try that, too. Oh, and I have Kali on a USB, too.

Overall I'm pretty sure that my next main machine will be either Manjaro or Salix. I like both, and even though I still have a soft spot for Debian derivatives (AntiX with iceWM or fluxbox is really cool) and KDE I feel I need a change. Even openSuSE did re-enter the running for a while, but... I dunno.

Anyway, what else?

Got a new guitar FX kit, which I hope to have running fairly soon for some Screaming Bird-type action, got some YouTube stuff to watch (mainly guitar), need to upload some YouTube stuff, need to sketch out a possible podcast - hangout next week to discuss - and er, stuff like that.

Oh yeah, and got my place on cosmology course confirmed. Unless something amazing happens I'm deferring the philosophy course I want to do until next year to ease the financial strain.

And I've been pumping in job applications like nobody's business, although I need to revisit my CV and do some additional stuff around that to get more moving further quicker.

Joined a discussion group on Codeacademy.

PLUS more on "The Empty Room", which I want to have a showreel of sooner rather than later.

More anon.

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