Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Test passed. YES!

Had a listen back to bursts of the podcast recording, which I'm delighted to say the GDrive share worked for, and it sounded OK. And that's without any Audacity editing.

Next time round I think I'll record in mono - I am at a loss as to why I chose to record in stereo, but I suppose the benefit is that on a two-person call you can easily mute one person! I also need to write some music for intro and outro at least, which I'll try and get done over the next couple of weeks and schedule up the next recording.

Other than that been having a few interesting emails and telephone calls with various people - can't say too much at this stage as I don't want to jinx anything!

Reading nicely through "1984", too, which I've owned since I was 14 (some years ago now), and I'm sure read but only passingly at the time. I'm liking it, although... well, I don't want to spoil it. Just buy it and read it, and then you too can understand just how badly misunderstood the book is...!

Played a bit with lubuntu, upgraded the antiX installation and even had a chance to think about going back to openSuSE, but Manjaro is current migration target, with a side order of NetBSD or PCBSD (which I FINALLY got booting of a live USB, although it doesn't like my nVidia video card!).

Had some fun on the Ibanez, too, thrashing through a few songs - mainly just songs that are fun to play through.

The Clash
Agnostic Front
Faith No More

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