Thursday, 5 September 2013

Been a long time away

I think the past week or so has seen me drive more miles than I've done in years.

The positive aspect is that I've caught up on so many podcasts! I'm even clearing a few from the old backlog, so I'm actually WAITING for new episodes.

I've also had some email exchanges with folks about guitar effects, hardware hacking and a slightly weird idea I have for using mobile phones in astronomy.

Oh yeah, I also caught up on a Horizon I'd recorded and was knocked out by someone using social patterns to determine epidemiological spreads - which is something I've been trying to push forward for nigh on three years now. I must drop a line out this weekend to try and get things moving AGAIN.

What else? Oh yeah, some cool guitar and magic practice, which has filled some spare time nicely, and I've really, really enjoyed just plugging in, turning up and wailing away on the old Ibanez for even a few minutes, without working through scales or anything.

Next up - a brief return to reality tomorrow, and then a weekend of fun, hopefully! In between writing a piece for another blog and recording a podcast, obviously.

And with luck I've get PCBSD running just how I want, too. I had the adapter PSU on this laptop (the 17" Acer 64-bit) give up a couple of days ago, but handily I pulled a spare out of the loft this afternoon. The man who has everything, eh?!

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