Sunday, 22 September 2013

Big data

I've been attempting to revive Epimetric as a project over the last few days and weeks, so have started with Talend tools to see if there is something that I can use there to at least try making it work.

I stuck an outline presentation on what the project is about and where I'd like to take it on there - please do check it out.

Tomorrow I foresee a day of a whole load of telephone calls in an attempt to get a better job, trying to get collaborators for Epimetric and Loqualia and other ideas I have, and generally trying everything I can to be in a position to do what I love rather than what I have to.

I have now resolved that my next machine will be BSD-driven, probably FreeBSD or PCBSD, and I'm going to get my skills in PHP up so that I can actually do something fairly useful with it.

Broke out a set of Bicycle playing cards - WOW. The quality of these things is outstanding, it really is. Started working on some shuffles and forces, very tentatively I should say, and really enjoyed it. I'm going to try and build this into every day, even if only for 15 minutes or so.

Podcast recording tonight, should be fun as we build up our catalogue ready for a launch at some point. I've also sketched out some more theme music ideas as I've thrashed about on guitar, so that's really cool.

Oh, and Ableton Live 9 is really, really good!

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