Monday, 16 September 2013

Distro hopping

Yep, back to the subject of moving to another Linux distro.

Well, actually I'm thinking of going over to a BSD variant.

I'm loving PCBSD at the mo', although it is slow running of a USB stick as a live persistent image, and how I wish it used XFCE rather than LXDE by default, although I understand the rationale. And don't even offer me Gnome...!

GhostBSD FLIES off a USB stick, but refuses to either boot on this laptop (trying to use a 32bit version for max flexibility, and this machine is 64bit AMD) or detect my wifi setup on my AMD A8 desktop machine.

So the plan is to get a cheap little laptop and run NetBSD  with Awesome and XFCE on it, even with all the pain of X configuration.

The other option is Manjaro...

Maybe a dual-boot?!

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