Monday, 14 October 2013

Synchronisation is fab

I know there are privacy issues and so forth, but I tell you something... the convenience of a Google account where everything can be linked through one login, to give you your shared files and so forth is just... so tempting.

Similarly the Firefox sync is great when you have a bunch of bookmarks and cookies and so forth to match up, especially when it's forum passwords and so forth. BTW I'm currently loving the "seventies flower pattern" persona.

This openSuSE installation is working away nicely (partly I'm using this 15" laptop rather than the chunky 17" Ubuntu one because it's lighter on the lap!). It's been a great switch so far, and I think this could be - famous last words - a distro I stay with for a while.

I've also posted a whole load of Amazon reviews (well, two or three) and left some feedback for the vet (why not? They provide a great service) and entered a couple of competitions.

Great stuff.

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