Thursday, 10 October 2013

The apology

It had to come.

I need to apologise for a loosely-worded opening to my last blog post, where I may have inadvertently referred to BSD as a "Linux distro".

Someone tweeted me to say:

"great start :/"

I admitted my opening was worded badly, and apologised for doing so. They responded:

"because freebsd has nothing to do with linux and isn't a "distro." it's a little offensive to bsd users when people say that."

(My emphasis).

and followed up with a reply to my next apology, suggesting I wasn't cut out for "BSDclub" with:

"it's not a matter of "wording." you either knew freebsd wasn't linux and made a mistake or you didn't know, either way, now you do"

What a shame that my adoption of FreeBSD has been seriously, seriously soured (for me, at least) by this.

Why can't people just be happy that I'm using FreeBSD, find it powerful, flexible and fun?

What a shame.

Previous post now edited, BTW.


  1. Don't let one person's remarks paint the entire BSD community in a negative light. There are 1000s of very nice, friendly helpful users.

  2. Thanks Allan

    I can't get why a FLOSS community would want to be so... exclusive.

    I know you're right, there are lots of good people out there, though :-)