Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What a to-do!

Yep, I'm on openSuSE again - LOVE IT!

So I've been getting a bit handy with the old to-do list today.

I've updated a bunch of stuff on my to-do list (yes, it's all written, not done electronically) - I do really like taskwarrior, and I'll have to get around to installing it on this machine.

So what's still outstanding on that list?

Updating some VMs on my desktop machine (Virtualbox under Kubuntu), mainly Manjaro and netBSD, and running a fresh new FreeBSD install in a VM so I can take some screenshots for Shropshire Linux User Group.

Sending out some emails and stuff around epimetric and loqualia development - maybe a couple of google hangouts, too.

Working out on getting some media ideas going again - too many to bore you with here.

And finally I've got to, at some juncture soon, fire up the old RPi which is sitting a bit neglected behind the telly, so that it can update openelec at the very least!

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