Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Laptop madness (slight return)

I got away from work a little bit later than ideally I would have liked, but still managed to make it to one unit on a nearby industrial estate to check out some refurbed laptops... good stuff, but not quite what I was looking for.

There was a decent Toshiba for £80, which was about what I was looking to spend to be honest (more on this later), but... you know when something just doesn't quite grab you?

So, back in the car and down the dual carriageway to the market - to find the stall I wanted to check out shut! To be fair it was the end of the trading day, so I couldn't really grumble.

Then a walk over to the supermarket to pick up a loaf of bread, some raspberry jam and some antipasti (hey, it was cheap!) - you really wanted to know that, didn't you? - and then home.

And then tonight I've ordered a used Thinkpad T42 for £79 including P&P, which I'm looking forward to playing with and sticking something interesting as an OS on.

Philosophy in Pubs tomorrow night - "Is it right to keep someone alive against their will?"

Personally I struggle to answer this as soon as I get to the word "right"...

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