Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday... as ever

So, what has Sunday held in store for me?

Starting with yesterday, popped out for a few drinks which was cool, and the bus ride and mile walk home helped clear my head bit!

Well, some guitar noodling, reminding me just how fantastic my Ibanez Prestige is, and my Ibanez 7 string... followed by a run out shopping for some basics, which was fine although a little busy (I like it when the supermarkets are quiet), and then some pottering around the house.

Squeezed in some time on Kubuntu and OpenSUSE, and then installed an OpenBSD VM, too, although not tried to set it up yet.

Beyond that... not a lot. Oh, a bit of magic reading and stuff, but nothing amazing.

Apart, I should say, from reading this again. And again.

Seriously, the stuff that The Partially Examined Life has been doing on this has been awesome.

More to follow during this week.

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