Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday night relaxation

Mostly getting things straight again after decorating the bedroom yesterday.

Bit of fun (hah!) cutting a metal curtain pole down to size, done by working through all eight cutting disks with my little Dremel-alike. Got there in the end, which was the main thing.

Still not got the Thinkpad yet, hopefully that will come tomorrow and I can stick... hmmm, probably NetBSD on it for a change, although it could be FreeBSD (does it really matter? The point is it's not Windows...)

I'll probably go for XFCE as the DE, but I like Awesome, too so will maybe go for that instead/as well, and then some kind of login manager... any suggestions?

Managed to squeeze a bit of guitar playing in on the Axl today - great guitar and fantastic value by the way, nothing fancy just some scales work and general picking and strumming. Loads of fun!

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