Friday, 6 December 2013

General activity

More of a post for the sake of it than anything else, this one.

First up, my attempts to install Audacity either using pkg (yep, pkgng) and ports of FreeBSD failed for some reason, and tbh I thought I'd just leave it for now. Autoclean etc. just told me that there's nothing to do, too, so I'll just leave my working system working for now rather than mess any further.

Oh, and for good measure I just made a donation to FreeBSD - please do the same!

OpenSUSE is prompting for updates, Kubuntu has updated today, too and generally all is well with the world.

Waiting to hear on a few job applications - fingers firmly crossed here - and slotted in some guitar playing, working on my picking technique thanks to a really handy YouTube video, and even a bit of magic reading and stuff.

Where do I find the time?!

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