Sunday, 8 December 2013

Magic, mathematics and time to finish things

Today, in fact the past couple of days, I've been catching up with some guitar stuff - scales, and as I mentioned before trying to improve the consistency of my picking technique.

On top of that, picked up a couple of handy card moves - although I really need to work on these. I have a couple of splits down, but need some shuffles and forces better, as well as some coin moves.

What else? Oh yeah, been doing some cosmology stuff - bare bones of some assignment answers, which will need some tidying up and improvement. And I confess that I've steered clear of the maths-based stuff up to now, because I reckon I need a solid hour of concentration to do these.

This is what I want to get better at - setting time aside to do something to completion, rather than dabbling.

I need to install taskwarrior on all my machines, or work up the task manager I started writing. Probably the latter, as that will force me to learn to code properly, too!

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