Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mavis Beacon? Who she?

Pounding away on the keyboard on an email just now, it occurred to me that no-one seems to be that fussed about typing speed any more. Is it that touchscreens, predictive text and numeric keypad entry have become so common that the ability to navigate around QWERTY, QWERTZ or similar actually doesn't matter that much any more?

I'm actually reasonably nifty and accurate on the old keyboard, even if I do say so myself, so have never really been bothered about trying to learn "properly". Maybe I'm just too aware that ZX Spectrum keyword entry spoilt the chances of my learning to touch-type forever!

Other than that, mainly I've been thinking about Christmas, and getting myself geared up for buying the presents that I need to, writing the cards that I need to and generally entering into the spirit of things without wondering when/if I'll get a new job, which I am desperately trying to get to break out of the rut I feel myself getting into.

Quick question - can anybody recommend a good, reasonably light, multimedia/ogg/mp3 player for FreeBSD? Amarok seems to want to refuse to install, and XMMS is just a bit plain. I'm going to chuck gPodder on here for good measure, too, as I do like my podcasts.

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