Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mostly most agreeable

A marvellous Christmas time had by all - way too much food and drink, but hey! it's (generally) only once a year.

Delighted to get a couple of books of the wish list, and have started working down the Royal Road - just a simple little sleight on a shuffle, but nice to start spending a few minutes a day on.

Not got around to rebuilding the netbook (yet), but have printed off a few more chapters of my cosmology textbook.

Which brings me to my moans...

1) Kubuntu took an inordinate amount of time to print the pdfs (from evince), and managed to make a meal of fonts and things, so...
2) I booted into Win7, which similarly took ages (thanks to Acrobat reader), and then decided it wanted to update and reboot overnight without my agreement, partway through a print run - aaagh!
3) And then I had to replace two cartridges in the printer, which cost me more failed print runs - aaagh!

Oh, and this OpenSUSE laptop refuses to find the printer over wifi. Grrr. And I refuse to manually tinker with CUPS, this is 2013 for goodness' sake!

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