Sunday, 22 December 2013

'Tis the season

As we head into the festive season, no doubt the rate of posting on this blog - which is already slower than I'd like - will slow even further.

But have no fear!

I have already started plans for 2014 - NOT New Year resolutions, but plans - which currently include:

1) More regular posting here
2) More progress with healthcare planning/Epimetric (probably with a new name)
3) Two new blogs, unconnected to this one
4) A new podcast - we've already had a go at recording, I reckon we should do it
5) Some kind of project on tree identification with GIS
6) Some kind of activity on Yellowhammer Dialects
7) Some kind of BSD-related activity, FreeBSD, PCBSD or FreeNAS
8) A home cloud server, ideally with email server capabilities
9) Progress on "The Empty Room"
10) Some more photography/video
11) More music
12) Philosophy stuff
13) Something with the RPi
14) Something hardware-related, maybe automotive with the RPi (?)
15) Learn some more coding stuff and develop my skills/knowledge there

I don't know if this will all come off, or even if any of it will, but planning it will help.

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