Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Test passed. YES!

Had a listen back to bursts of the podcast recording, which I'm delighted to say the GDrive share worked for, and it sounded OK. And that's without any Audacity editing.

Next time round I think I'll record in mono - I am at a loss as to why I chose to record in stereo, but I suppose the benefit is that on a two-person call you can easily mute one person! I also need to write some music for intro and outro at least, which I'll try and get done over the next couple of weeks and schedule up the next recording.

Other than that been having a few interesting emails and telephone calls with various people - can't say too much at this stage as I don't want to jinx anything!

Reading nicely through "1984", too, which I've owned since I was 14 (some years ago now), and I'm sure read but only passingly at the time. I'm liking it, although... well, I don't want to spoil it. Just buy it and read it, and then you too can understand just how badly misunderstood the book is...!

Played a bit with lubuntu, upgraded the antiX installation and even had a chance to think about going back to openSuSE, but Manjaro is current migration target, with a side order of NetBSD or PCBSD (which I FINALLY got booting of a live USB, although it doesn't like my nVidia video card!).

Had some fun on the Ibanez, too, thrashing through a few songs - mainly just songs that are fun to play through.

The Clash
Agnostic Front
Faith No More

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Testing, testing

Less than an hour to go before the test recording of the universe's best new podcast.

More anon.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

All systems go


I must at some point update my Salix stick, and my AntiX installation, while I think about it.

Managed to pump out a couple more job applications tonight, too, which is cool - and had a bit of fun playing on my Ibanez Prestige, and updating (at the same time) my Win7 installation on the desktop.

I'd not logged into Win7 for a couple of months, so it had some fairly hefty updates to download, but at least I could play with tuxguitar while it tried to drag itself into 2013.

More anon.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Reviews, reviews, reviews and stuff

Right, a fairly rapid run through here:

1) Posted some reviews on TripAdvisor and Google+ Local, which was fun.
2) Started sketching out podcast episodes, because I think we're going for a test run this Sunday.
3) Had a great call with a recruiter, who sounded hopeful. I know that's what they're there to do, but let's keep hoping, eh?

What else? Oh yeah, got stuff about enrolment in my cosmology course, and lots of other stuff, like clearing a load of podcasts that were sitting in my listen queue.

Actually, had real pain of a time on Friday when Podkicker Pro (yes, I paid for my podcast client!) decided to lose ALL my downloaded episodes and subscriptions. GRRRR!

On a positive note, it did need rationalising, because I was starting to struggle with keeping up to date with everything. I've got it more manageable now.

Here's a thought for you - why are the advocates of "information wants to be free" so keen on telling you their public encryption keys?

Monday, 12 August 2013

BSD USB persistence woes

Well, I'm trying to work out how I can get a persistent NetBSD install on a USB stick, and a Manjaro one, and guess what?

Yep, even using munch I CAN'T GET IT TO WORK.

Frustrated, I reckon the way to go may be with a cheap laptop/netbook and a new HDD, but to be honest I'd prefer the portability.

I even have my software wish-list ready :-(

Other than that, nothing else to report today.

If anyone can tell me how to get NetBSD or FreeBSD on a persistent USB stick install, please do share!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Small yet perfectly formed

Yup, I'm writing this thanks to Salix on a USB stick, with XFCE and persistence - NICE!

I am really liking this, although I did enjoy a small battle with NetBSD in a VM on my dekstop machine earlier (does configuration really have to be such an effort? I should have gone for XFCE there as well, maybe, and pkg_add DOES NOT WORK, you have to do pkg_install...). I like PCBSD, maybe I'll try that, too. Oh, and I have Kali on a USB, too.

Overall I'm pretty sure that my next main machine will be either Manjaro or Salix. I like both, and even though I still have a soft spot for Debian derivatives (AntiX with iceWM or fluxbox is really cool) and KDE I feel I need a change. Even openSuSE did re-enter the running for a while, but... I dunno.

Anyway, what else?

Got a new guitar FX kit, which I hope to have running fairly soon for some Screaming Bird-type action, got some YouTube stuff to watch (mainly guitar), need to upload some YouTube stuff, need to sketch out a possible podcast - hangout next week to discuss - and er, stuff like that.

Oh yeah, and got my place on cosmology course confirmed. Unless something amazing happens I'm deferring the philosophy course I want to do until next year to ease the financial strain.

And I've been pumping in job applications like nobody's business, although I need to revisit my CV and do some additional stuff around that to get more moving further quicker.

Joined a discussion group on Codeacademy.

PLUS more on "The Empty Room", which I want to have a showreel of sooner rather than later.

More anon.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Next session

So... the next session of Philosophy in Pubs is set for this week, I've finished Eric and Enide by Chretien de Troye and am all set for a Manjaro switch.

Other than that... got some guitar to play.

This was a mobile update by the way hence the brevity.