Monday, 6 January 2014

A day of mixed fortune

Had an interview - went well, to a point, mainly that point being that the job wasn't really playing to my strengths, so possibly not the best fit. Ah well. Other irons in the fire and all that...

PCBSD didn't want to work from a USB stick on an old 64bit laptop. I suspect it is the USB key that wasn't formatted right, so not overly fussed, I can fix that next time.

FreeBSD dependency problems are bugging me on the Thinkpad - it still works, and is rock solid, but it bugs me so I might back up my files this weekend and reinstall and rebuild. Depends if I have the will, ha!ha!

OpenSUSE on this laptop continues to be delightful. I know some people find KDE a bit slow and bloaty, but my word is it ever flexible!

Fired off a couple of emails around the place about some projects, too - let's see what happens there. I have more ideas to follow, too.

Had a good knees-up on Saturday, which meant I could catch up with someone about some other stuff we have going on - hopefully, hopefully this year we will have more to show for it! Watch this space...

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