Sunday, 26 January 2014

Get your digital watches in synchronisation

Yep, and if you know the song that comes from - well done!

So, last night (or was it Friday?) saw the clean installation of FreeBSD 10.0 on the Thinkpad. Took no time at all, although the X server authorisation error on startx is annoying (although apparently not uncommon), and trying to remember how to re-enable the powerdown option in XFCE is a battle.

What else? Oh yeah, got the wallpaper set, a couple of applications on there - not sure why they don't have icons properly - and struggled because I was convinced for a while that Konsole was called Kate - D'oh!

All working now!

The PCBSD machine goes on, too - although I've not worked out how to add English (UK) as a language, and the keyboard layout is wrong, but I can fix that later.

Firefox is now synchronised across all devices, too! YES!

And yesterday I borrowed a Westbury Standard guitar - wow, the DiMarzio PAF and SD in there have some serious grunt! It shall be mine, oh yes...

Next up - I need to write about 18 documents to outline some ideas I have for videos, television series, applications, films, bogs, podcasts, C64 demos and music. Oh, and a makerspace, too! And I have two weeks to write an essay about cosmology.

If only I had the self-discipline to just do it.

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