Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday night

No, not a Whigfield revival, but the weekend is here and that can only mean one thing...

Well, a few things, actually.

So, it looks like the desktop (currently on Kubuntu 12.04LTS) will be moved up to Kubuntu 14.04 when it comes out - in an ideal world I think I'd like to leave Ubuntu derivatives altogether, so if I can get Din Is Noise to compile and work under openSUSE then I'll go to that instead.

The Netbook is a slightly thornier problem, as Ubuntu (especially with LXDE) runs really nicely, so I think I'll stick with an Ubuntu derivative there - I've never got on with KDE's Netbook interface for some reason, so will probably look at Lubuntu - although if I can get another nice Debian derivative then maybe I'll go with that, but after the PCBSD/FreeBSD migrations I really, really can't be bothered with months of testing again.

I'm rambling, aren't I?

Had a bit of a sesh with a couple of guitars this morning, which was really cool - nothing spectacular, just some scales and chords and stuff, and some CAGED moves.

I'm sure there's more to add, like my dismal cosmology studies, fishing and hunting for a radio control car/buggy (!), but I'm running out of steam now, and would much rather just aimlessly surf teh interwebs for a while.

See you later!

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