Sunday, 9 February 2014

Some assembly required

Now, if it had been Z80, or even 6502 assembly [language] then that would have been OK with me, but it was actually a piece of IKEA furniture.

It was out for a shuffle around the store on opening at 10 this morning, followed by a few minutes struggling to fit the flat-pack into the boot of the car, then back for a 3 hour stint assembling the 6-drawer chest of drawers.

As it happens it wasn't that bad, although as always the screws and fastenings supplied were so soft that any attempt to use a ratchet or electric screwdriver - and yes, I know you only use them for unscrewing, but they are handy to get things started - stripped the heads, so I ended up with no skin in the palm of my right hand.

I wonder if there could be a design for a more ergonomic screwdriver?

And there it stood in all its glory. Now it just needs the stuff transferring from the bottom of the wardrobes into it, which will happen this coming week.

This outbreak of sudden domestic capability was followed by some highly enjoyable Ibanez action, just running through some exercises and scales, and then onto the OpenSUSE machine to write this.

Oh, and another night with nothing on telly, so I'll watch Episode 2 of "Star Trek Continues" and the Linux Action Show!

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