Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekend wonderland

My, what a weekend it has been!

Nothing much doing on Valentine's day - well, apart from the normal day at work and a really nice sirloin steak for tea.

Saturday - the usual sort of Saturday, except for a brief excursion for a couple of pints of Stella Artois at my local - very welcome! - and then out for a curry for tea at a place with S-L-O-W service which really, really lets down the food. Review to be posted in due course!

Sunday, out up to the shops as my wife's Samsung decided it didn't want to work any more, and she needed a cheap PAYG mobile while trying to get it fixed. £12.99 later, including £10 of call credit, she has a working phone with her own SIM in it.

Of course, she hadn't saved her contacts to either the SIM or Google, but had stored them on the phone because she hadn't used that option... but enough on that subject!

Then out for Sunday dinner - pretty good, and a pint with it, too, and then back home for some guitar practice and now this evening getting some Troy Stetina learning materials onto this laptop (the OpenSUSE one... again).

Work tomorrow - groan!

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