Sunday, 2 March 2014


It's raining.

Quite a lot.

I know this because the dog has just barked to be let out, and it's my duty to escort her outside to prevent her/discourage her from barking randomly at every slight environmental noise, and this is not welcome at 9:30 at night.

Done a bit of guitar-y stuff today, had a play with Rosegarden (can't tell if it's using my Digitech interface yet, will have to play further to confirm), got frustrated at forgetting how to use Ableton Live, and had a go at some card sleights (really basic ones, but starting to see a little improvement from where I was!).

What else? Well the plan this week is to pound the keyboards to write a load of stuff down that has been buzzing around my head, and try and actually create something!

I've also been looking at portable digital recorders... I think that's what I might break into my savings for!

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