Saturday, 5 April 2014

Phones, certificates, tedium, frustration and confusion

So, I rang EE with the intention of cancelling my mobile contract... and ended up staying for another 12 months because they offered me a good deal.

Then I received a second SMS, which gave a higher price than I'd agreed, which confused me.

So... I went onto the website and my browser told me that the SSL certificate didn't match so I couldn't (and wouldn't!) log into my account to check.

I'll need to watch my bank account to make sure I'm not being swizzled a bit here.

The next moan tonight is Ant & Dec's "Saturday Night Takeaway". What a tedious programme! I really can't see how anyone finds this particularly entertaining, goodness knows that Noel Edmonds flogged this kind of format into submission years ago, and seeing this stuff just causes deja vu overload.

Got some guitar and sleight of hand in stuff today, though, which is a bonus! Other than that some general housekeeping chores, got some beer in for the evening and sorted out some G+ circles so I have less chaff in my feed. YES!

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