Sunday, 18 May 2014

Like ice in the sun

As Status Quo once sang.

Well, probably more than once, given that they would have rehearsed and performed this song live more than once.

I digress.

Today has been a bit of a scorcher. Out first thing to strim and mow the lawn (but not too early, given it's a Sunday), then a barbecue this afternoon after gently roasting for a few hours, even in the shade.

There is a jolly vocal Coal Tit who sits shouting at a couple of his mates/enemies/rivals (delete as applicable) from the corner of the roof, which provides a bit of a distraction, and I'm reasonably sure that there are a couple of Buzzards living nearby one of whom I saw in the distance this afternoon.

Other than that I also managed to squeeze an upgrade (maybe) to Ubuntu 14.04 from 12.04 on my netbook in. Slightly scary having to do it from the command line and update the sources from precise to trusty, but after a couple of hours of quite warm running it appears to be there. I will try it out gradually, and if I'm happy maybe shift this desktop Kubuntu machine up to 14.04, too.

Sadly the podcast recording is postponed tonight, but rest assured it will come back bigger and badder!

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